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Acesulfame CAS No.:55589-62-3
Acesulfame CAS No.:55589-62-3 Product: Acesulfame Appearance:White crystal powder Molecular formula: C4H4KNO4S Other name: Acesulfame Potassium Molecular weight: 201.24 CAS No.:55589-62-3 EINECS No.: 251-622-6
Stevia CAS No.:57817-89-7
Stevia CAS No.:57817-89-7 Appearance:White powder Molecular formula: C38H60O18 Molecular weight: 804.87 CAS No.:57817-89-7 HS No.: 2938 9090 90 Function : Sweetener
Trehalose Cas.No.: 99-20-7
Trehalose Cas.No.: 99-20-7 Other Name: Mycose Appearance:White crystalline powder Cas.No.: 99-20-7 Hs code: 1702900090 Usage: Food, Cosmetic, Pharma Certificate: ISO/SGS/Halal/FDA/Kosher/GMP/ HACCP/Non-Gmo/Organic Certificate Package: craft paper bag, carton or fiber drum MOQ:5000kg Application:food, drink, pharma
Food Grade Xylitol CAS:87-99-0
Food Grade Xylitol CAS:87-99-0 Product: Bulk Sweetener Xylitol powder CAS:87-99-0 Organoleptic:White crystalline powder Grade:Food Grade Assay:99% Shelf Life:24 Months
Erythritol Cas No.: 149-32-6
Erythritol Cas No.: 149-32-6 Appearance: white crystalline powder Cas No.: 149-32-6 Purity: 99.5%min Particle size:10-40mesh, 20-60mesh, 30-80mesh, 100mesh, DC Quality Standard: GB26404-2011/ USP32/ EP 7.0/FCC Certificate: ISO/SGS/Halal/FDA/Kosher/GMP/ HACCP/Non-Gmo/Organic Certificate Package: 25kg craft paper bag MOQ:1000kg
Inositol CAS:87-89-8
Inositol CAS:87-89-8 Product Name:Myo-Inositol CAS:87-89-8 Origin:China Production Capacity: 200mts/Month Apperance: White powder MF: C6H12O6 TAG: Inositol
Aspartame(APM) CAS No.:22839-47-0
Aspartame(APM) CAS No.:22839-47-0 Appearance:White granular or powder Molecular formula:C14H18N2O5 Molecular weight: 294.30 CAS No.:22839-47-0 HS No.: 29242990.90 FEMA No.: E951 EINECS No:245-261-3 Function : Sweetener
Glucose/Dextrose CAS No.:33665-90-6
Glucose/Dextrose (anhydrous/monohydrate) CAS No.:33665-90-6 Appearance:White crystal line powder,no odor Molecular formula:C6H12O6.H2O Molecular weight: 198.17 CAS No.:33665-90-6 HS No.: 17023000.00 FEMA No.: N/A EINECS No:218-914-5 Function : Sweetener
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